About CP-DevSecOps


  • CP-DevSecOps focus on the most challenging areas for Security testing of web applications in the DevOps scenario using tools like Arachni, Gauntlt, Gauntlt-Docker, Metasploit, ZAP & Burp
  • Understand concepts like Rugged Manifeto, OWASP top 10 and WebPenetration Testing
  • Using tools in BurpSuite to launch a Brute-Forcing attack, XSS attack and a SQLi attack
  • Using Gauntlt to launch and automate XSS attack, SQLi attack, fuzzer and network tests
  • Using Arachni for implementing crawl Coverage and vulnerability detection
  • Using Zed Attack Proxy and integrating with CI/CD tool
  • Implementing the entire security testing using Jenkins Docker

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